I think many people who have never visited Tennessee view it as a rustic step back in time, home to mostly hillbillies playing banjos while sitting on the front porch of a log cabin.  Or, perhaps, someone crooning country music and lamenting their dog running off with their wife or their wife running off with their pickup truck or something.  While we do have some rustic areas, and we certainly have a lot of country music, Tennessee is much more.  From the mountains of east Tennessee to the Mississippi River deltas of west Tennessee our topography is as varied as our people.  If you have never visited Tennessee then how you envision us is probably wrong.

I travel around the state a lot, mostly on my motorcycle.  I always take a few photographs and have decided to make a compilation of them.  Take a look around.  This is Tennessee as I see it through my camera, and Iíve barely scratched the surface.  The collection is always growing.  As I take them Iíll add more photographs to places already listed and as I visit them Iíll add more places.  Tennessee has a lot to see and I still have a lot to visit so there will be more as time goes by.

Make yourself at home.  Thereís nothing to buy because Iím not selling anything.  Thereís no ďDonationĒ button or advertisements or anything like that.  I donít want your personal informationor anything.  No tricks, no gimmicks.

You can start your photo tour of my state by clicking any of the links to the left.  Keep in mind that this site is not about my skills as a photographer it is about Tennessee.  Some of the photographs date back several years and are not nearly as good as the more recent shots.  I have better equipment now and I like to feel that I have improved as a photographer over time.  I havenít weeded out the poor shots, though, if I felt they showed an area of the state that I wanted to show so youíll have to take the good with the bad.

I hope you enjoy your tour of my state. Thanks for stopping by!