Fourth Annual Nashville Dragon Boat Races
August 14, 2010

Photos from the 2011 Event are on This Page of my web site.

The Fourth Annual Dragon Boat Race was held at Riverfront Park today.  A brilliant blue yet hot and sultry August day to be sure, but it was great to watch.  I didn't stay for the whole thing as it was an all-day event and I prefer air conditioning to 100° heat, but I did watch the opening ceremonies and the first couple of races.

The event was held at Riverfront Park which is, as the name implies, located right on the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville.  It adjoins Fort Nashboro, a reconstruction of the stockade that eventually became Nashville.


There were about 39 teams entered in the race, each with their own shirts and colors.  Each boat has at least 16 paddlers, a drummer, and someone steering the boat.

The Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville put on a great show before the event started.



Then we got on with the watersports.  The Coast Guard was present to provide safety services.  While I was there they were not needed ;)

Four boats started at the same time.  Sportsmanship was the name of the game, but you can tell by the expressions on the faces of some of these competitors that they are giving everything that they have to win.



It was a really interesting event but the weather was very, very hot and humid.  I watched the first two heats and headed back toward home, hot and sweaty enough for one day.  Hopefully next year's event will be in better weather so that I Can stay for the whole event.