Wilhoite Mill

I got up this morning and checked the weather and the 20% chance of rain that was forecast yesterday had turned into a 50% chance of thunder storms.  There were also big blobs of color on the radar, especially south and east of Nashville.  So, I decided to stay in the vicinity of Nashville in case I needed to head back home in a hurry.

I rode to Columbia, TN and got some breakfast and then cut east to a little spot called "Wilhoite Mill".  During the second half of the 19th century there was a community named Wilhoite at this location beside the Duck River, and the remains of the grain mill located in the community are sort of still visible.

The site is located on what is now Henry Horton State Park and it right beside the Duck River.  In 1902 a flood destroyed the mill.  All that is left is a rusty drive line, a rusty flywheel, and some chamfer gears laying in what was once the spillway that powered the mill.  The photos below show what is left of the mill.