Zoo Photo Safari

The Nashville Zoo occasionally has “Photo Safaris”.  The name is somewhat misleading since we don’t “Safari” anywhere however they do bring out some of their education animals, those that are not normally on exhibit, for us to photograph.  This is the second one I have been to, photographs from the first are Here.
First up was a Pygmy Screech Owl.  He was injured once and came to the zoo from Walden’s Puddle.

Next up were a couple of easily-recognizable animals:

Fourth was a magnificent Bengal Eagle Owl named Archimedes.  You can find a couple of other shots of him Further Down This Page that I took in January, 2011.

The sunlight caused him to squint and hid his magnificent orange eyes however if you follow the link above to photos of him farther down the page those shots show them in all their glory!

And finally was an African Serval named Billy.

There are a many other photos taken at the Nashville Zoo on This Page of my photography web site.

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