WERA Motorcycle Roadracing – Spring 2011

The WERA boys were back in Nashville yesterday for their spring race at the Nashville Superspeedway, and for once the weather was great.  Mid 70′s, clear skies, lots of sunshine.  A touch of wind that probably gave some of the riders a bit of heartburn, but from the infield I thought it felt great.

We started watching the races at the same spot on the infield that I went to Last Fall.  At this part of the track the riders have slowed down from the half mile main straight and made a hairpin turn into the infield.  They make a second 180° hairpin turn and then head back onto the back straight.  My guess is that they are probably doing 50mph or so in the turn and accelerating to 70+ going back onto the back straight.

A little later we moved to a spot on the front straight right where the riders were getting on the brakes after screaming down the front straight.  My guess is that they were doing close to 150 mph at this point.

Notice in the last photograph that the rear wheel of the motorcycle is a couple of inches off the ground … at around 150 mph … in a curve!

There are many more photos from the race on This Page of my web site.

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