Schmidt’s Guenon

These animals are so expressive I think I could watch them all day.  They seem to be inordinately intelligent and just looking at their faces it is easy to feel that they are actually wondering what I’m doing.  They are one of my favorite exhibits at the Nashville Zoo and I stop to visit them each time I’m there.

I have had a difficult time getting good photographs of them though.  Their paddock is fenced and heavily shaded.  They frequently sit up in the trees and I find myself shooting against the sun or with a high-contrast background or something.  Today was not a lot better but one of them was sitting on a rope right by the edge of the viewing area.  I was hanging over the barricade, shooting almost straight up, through the fence, and through some branches.  I like the way it turned out though.

There are many more photographs taken at the Nashville Zoo on This Page of my web site.

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