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Cars and Zombies!

Lots of things happen around here in the fall.  Our summers are miserably hot and humid and in the fall people start to get out once again and enjoy the nice, cool weather.

This weekend was no exception and Saturday morning I headed for downtown for several reasons.  I headed for the only remaining decent local camera shop (Durys) and then headed over to Centennial Park to a car show sponsored by the Nashville British Car Club and then to one of my favorite annual events, the Nashville Zombie Walk!  Both were great events, and I had a great day in mild fall weather!

There are a few shots below of both events.  More of the car show are Here and more of the Zombie Walk are Here so enjoy!

As to my vacation a couple of weeks ago, it rained a couple of days, I had things come up that had to be dealt with for a couple of days, and other than getting some rest it wasn’t much of a vacation.  I did manage to get to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga one day.  I was going to the Chattanooga Zoo however it decided to rain all day so I went to the aquarium instead.