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Backyard Friends

We have a permanent population of Gray Squirrels that live around our house.  I think I could sit and watch their antics all day long, even though they can empty my bird feeder in a day or so.  Below are a couple of photographs of them.  Notice that the squirrel in the second photo must be a “High Society” squirrel since he holds his pinkie finger out while he eats.

Hoot Owl

I bought a new lens last week and was walking around Radnor Lake on Sunday taking photographs of Bluebirds and Woodpeckers.  While walking back to the parking lot I saw a flash of white wings in the woods beside me and looked over to see a large Barred Owl (more commonly known as a Hoot Owl) sitting on a limb beside the road.

He was about 25′ from me and wasn’t real concerned about me taking his photograph or the other people who stopped to look.  His eyes kept closing so I suspect he was just winding down from a night’s hunting.  Whatever the reason I was thrilled that he chose that exact moment to land on that exact limb since this was the first time I’ve ever seen an owl in the wild.

Edit – November 12, 2011 – I was at Radnor Lake again this morning and while walking down the road I was saying to myself, “Right about here is where I saw that Owl last week.”  I looked up on the limb he was sitting on last week and lo and behold there he was again so I had to take a few more photos of him.  This makes twice in my life I’ve seen an Owl in the wild.

Looking at the trees in the background it is easy to see how much the trees have changed in the past week.  Last weekend they were full of color and this weekend there are very few leaves left.  Winter is drawing close.

There are some other photographs of this bird on This Page of my web site.