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A Few From The Zoo

We had some nasty thunderstorms come through the area this morning which killed my idea of riding my motorcycle.  Once it quits raining around here it’s like a sauna which makes wearing riding gear quite unappealing.  I decided I’d go to the zoo for a little while because there are a couple of new guys there I wanted to see.

And here is one of the guys I went to see.  This is one of a pair of Clouded Leopard cubs.  They are only a month or two old, I think.  One of the docents said that they are still being bottle-fed so they are quite young.

There are two of them and they behave just like house cats at this point.  They were chasing each other around, pouncing on anything that moved (limbs moving in the breeze seemed to be a favorite), and just plain enjoying life.

There are a many other photos taken at the Nashville Zoo on This Page of my web site.