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Back To The Renaissance Festival

I went back to the final day of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival on Memorial Day.  It’s a great event and the opportunities for “People Photos” are never-ending.  It’s a shame it only comes around once a year!

There are a number of other photos from the show on This Page of my web site.

Zoo Photo Safari

I attended a “Photo Safari” at the Nashville Zoo this morning.  The name of the event was a bit misleading since we didn’t go anywhere except the amphitheater but it was still quite interesting.  The host brought out five of the zoo’s education animals, those that aren’t normally on display in the zoo, and we got to take photographs of them.

This little guy was first up.  He’s a Pygmy Screech Owl.  There are a couple of additional photos of him Here since I’ve run across him once before.  His keeper had him out one morning last February while I was walking through the zoo and I saw him then.

Next up was Charlie.  Charlie is a Prehensile Tailed Porcupine from Australia.  At least I was told he is from Australia, I didn’t catch his accent.

Charlie is an interesting creature, and quite friendly, at least toward his handler.  We weren’t allowed to handle him since those quills are actually hard and bony feeling (the handler passed some of them around and they feel a lot like finger nail material).  If you rub him the wrong way, so to speak, you get a perforated hand.  His handler was wearing heavy leather gloves and one went right through it.

Then we saw Vincent.  Vincent is a Blue Tongued Skink.  I didn’t get a photograph of his blue tongue, but I did see it.

Fourth was Maisie.  Maisie is a Corn Snake and I think I heard that she is indigenous to this area.  She got the name Maisie from the American Indian word for corn, Maise.

The last exhibit was the highlight of the day and one I’ve been hoping to see since he was born last year.  Blitz is a Eurasian Lynx, born of the pair of Eurasian Lynxes living at the zoo.  They are named Ugo and Ilvy and there are photos of them Here.  Ugo also has the honor of being the masthead photograph for this blog, right at the top of the page.

Blitz is one year old.  He was born May 1, 2010 at the zoo.  Watching him it is so easy to understand that he is a big cat at heart since he behaves just like a house cat in many ways.  Every move seems to be thought out in advance and is so graceful with no wasted motion.  He rolled over in the grass and licked his paws to wash with, just like every other cat I’ve ever seen.

All in all it was quite interesting and something that I will probably do again when it is offered in the fall.

There are many more photographs taken at the Nashville Zoo on This Page of my web site.

2011 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Last year was the first time I visited the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, and I’ve been looking forward to its return since then.  It is really a fun event to visit, especially for a photographer.

There are a number of other photos from the show on This Page of my web site.  I hope to visit the event at least once more this month so more will probably be added.

Great Tennessee Airshow 2011

There used to be an airshow at Smyrna, TN each fall, and I was there each and every time. I think that for a number of years they stopped having it since I never heard anything about it. Regardless, it is back and it was this weekend! And once again I was there.

There were a number of aircraft on static display, and at 11:35 the airborne festivities started.  The highlight of the show was a performance by the US Air Force Thunderbirds but some rain starting an hour or so before they flew ran me off.  I got to see the F-15 fly though so I still went home happy!

There are a number of other photos from the show on This Page of my web site.