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Tulips at Mid-Day

A couple more photos of the tulips at my office before they are gone.  This was the first day we’ve had a little bit of sunshine for a week so I grabbed these at lunch.


I really enjoy the Meerkats at the Nashville Zoo.  Unlike some of the animals these little guys are never still, never calm.  They are always on the move, running or playing or digging.  Even in the safe environs of the zoo there is always one who is on “Sentry Duty”, and he (or she) will stand on a rock or plant and watch out for any predators that might be lurking among the visitors.

In January a litter of pups was born, and I just happened to be there when they first popped out of the burrows.  A few photos of them are Here.  The newborn pups are growing like weeds and some newer photos of them are below.

There are many more photographs taken at the Nashville Zoo on This Page of my web site.

Oberlin Steel

I decided to walk around Centennial Park for a while today, and while there noticed a percussion group setting up.  The band was a group of students from Oberlin College, and they were great.  Lots of energy, but the thing I noticed most was how much some of them were truly enjoying the experience.  A few photos are below and there are some more on This Page of my web site.  Thanks for the show guys!  It was great.

Tulips At Dawn

The Tulips behind my office bloomed beautifully a couple of days ago and I thought that I should get some photos of them.  I usually get to the office about the time the sun is coming up so this morning I took my camera and tried to get a couple of shots with them against the dawn sky.  They aren’t bad but aren’t really what I had envisioned.

I grabbed another shot later in the day but given the fact that the temperature dropped from the mid 70′s yesterday to the upper 40′s today they did not open up.


At The Zoo

One of the nice things about living close to the Nashville Zoo, as well as being an annual member, is that I can go by there for a little while to “Try Things” with my camera gear.  I don’t have to wonder whether or not I can view an animal, they are nearly always right where they are supposed to be!

I purchased a new teleconverter for my camera and wanted to see how well it worked so I stopped at the zoo for a little while today.  The TC lets my little 300mm lens stretch itself out to 420mm focal length, but at the cost of one f-stop of light and a slight reduction in sharpness.  I’ve had a 2x TC for a long time, but it costs 2 f-stops and the loss in sharpness is terrible most of the time.  This new one is much, much better and I’m quite pleased with the results so far.

The young Giraffe below is named Suzasita and she was born in November, 2010.  Her parents Margarita and Congo are in the first photo with her.

Of course I can’t go by the zoo without a shot or two of Ming and Mei!  Ming was up in his tree hiding but Mei was snoozing under some bushes.

The Hyacinth Macaws are always riotous.  They frequently squabble among each other, but as can be seen by the grin in the second photo it’s all in good fun!

There are many more photographs taken at the Nashville Zoo on This Page of my web site.

Hunter’s Custom Auto Expo 2011

The drab old buildings of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds were filled with bright colors and chrome this weekend as the Hunter’s Custom Auto Expo once again visited the facility. Dozens of custom cars and trucks were on display for us gearheads to drool over. I’ve included a couple of photographs below and there are several dozen more on This Page of my web site.

Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake in Nashville is a beautiful little place most of the time.  The hills south of Nashville form an 85 acre lake that was once the private preserve of L&N Railroad executives.  Today it is a State Natural Area open to the public.  The only caveat being that visitors have to live within the a set of voluminous rules that prevent most of the activities normally associated with a state recreation area.

Be that as it may, the area is a wonderful place for photographers with plenty of wildlife, birds, trees, and water.  A couple of photographs of the area are included below and there are dozens more on This Page of my web site.

Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville is a really cool place for gearheads.  Lots of vintage and modern cars on display with no barriers between the viewer and the vehicle.  Many of the vehicles on display are quite unique and several are one of a kind.

A few photos from my visits there are included below, and there are many more on This Page of my web site.