I mounted Lockhart-Phillips Flush Mount III front turn signals on my Suzuki DL650 because I didn't like the factory turn signals that were "Stalk" mounted on each side of the fairing.  I much prefer the flush look of these turn signals, and they are easily as bright as the OEM lights.  That could be because I disassembled them and mounted reflective silver tape on the base behind the lamps.

Below are some photographs of them on my bike:

Both photographs are links to larger images.  Click the image to view the larger photo.

I tried to catch a photograph of the turn signal lit to give an idea of how bright they are, but I wasn't very successful.  It's hard to grab a photo of a blinking light ;)  Here is the best one, but it still isn't very good.  You can see that in relation to the headlight it is quite bright (and the headlights on the V-Strom are awesome!).

Note that I did not mount them per the instructions.  The bases have two holes for mounting however using them would require drilling matching holes in the fairing.  I did not want to do that in case I ever decided to remove them so I used double-sided tape to mount them.  I don't use just any old double-sided tape though.  For things like this I ALWAYS use 3M 06384 Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape.  This stuff is great, and if the surface is clean (as in cleaned with alcohol!) the tape is almost permanent.  I have some parts mounted with it on my Durango that have been there for over 3 years without a hitch.

IMPORTANT! - I don't think the Lockhart-Phillips lights are DOT approved for use as turn signals so if you live in a state that requires annual inspections on your bike they may not pass.  Check your local laws beforehand.

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