April 14, 2009

I rode one of my motorcycles to Cane Ridge Park today to see if anyone was flying model airplanes.  Given the blue sky, sunshine, and nice warm temperature I wasn't surprised when I got there and there were a number of guys flying.  I've included a number of photographs below.  Some of them are pretty good, some are not so good.  These airplanes are fast and at a distance they are pretty small.  They are not the easiest thing around to get good photographs of.  I guess I should have asked the pilots to give me a nice, low, slow photo pass or something ;)

If any of the guys who own the planes I photographed want high resolution copies of the photos please feel free to let me know.  There will be no charge for them of course.  They are 10.2 megapixel JPEG files so they are pretty high resolution.  You might be disappointed when you see them up close though, some are kind of fuzzy ;)