Western States Part II
October 16 - Other Places ....

Friday morning AGirl had some things to tend to so Kobi and I visited the Arizona Museum of Mining and Minerals.  This is one of those places that sounds kind of ho-hum until you actually visit it and then it's a lot of fun.  There wasn't much in the way of mining information, a little bit but not a great deal, but the displays of minerals are amazing.

Oh, and the food in the first few photographs is all rock ;)  Look closely, it isn't real food it's minerals.

When we got back I roamed around a while and took some photos of things I thought were interesting, especially Kobi's two cats Semba and Monkey.


That evening we swapped things around.  Kobi had some things to take care of so AGirl and I went to the drag races at Firebird Raceway.