Western States Part II
October 1, 2009 - Nashville, TN to Little Rock, AR

As was mentioned on the start page for this trip, it will take me from Nashville, TN to Phoenix, AZ by way of some of the most beautiful western scenery in the country.  Riding in the company of my friend and riding partner AGirl made things even better, and getting to spend time with my other friend Kobi once we arrived in Phoenix was the icing on the cake.

The trip was planned to be about 3,000 miles long and to take us through parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.  Weather along the route, looking at it from several days ahead, was forecast to be pretty good with a slight chance of precipitation in some places.  Since it is October we planned for some cool weather along the way and both of us had mid-range riding gear as well as heated jacket liners and gloves to use if necessary.

Today's weather forecast was for clear skies and moderate temperatures from Tennessee to our first planned stop in Little Rock, AR. at which time the chances of rain began to increase.  We headed west on I-40 under clear skies and moderate temperatures for the first day of our journey.  The ride was simply straight out I-40 so there wasn't a lot to see.  We stopped for breakfast in Dickson, TN and then continued west under clear October skies.

We crossed into Arkansas a little after noon and made our first stop for the trip at the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site for the first of many National Park Passport Stamps on this trip.  We actually got two dated stamps as well as a third undated "Bonus" stamp.

After stamping my Passport book and looking around the exhibits for a little while I was on my way outside when one of the rangers at the facility stopped me.  She had been in her office in the back when one of the other rangers told her that there were two motorcyclists visiting.  She was amazed at AGirl's 10,000 Mile Trip so we chatted with her before heading for our final stop for the day.

We spent the night with some of AGirl's friends.  We had a great pizza dinner and got some well- deserved sleep.  At least it was well-deserved from my point of view!  The rain that was forecast for the Little Rock area didn't materialize until late that night so we didn't even get wet.

I had put the rain cover, which takes an act of Congress to get on and off, on my tail bag and since that was where my camera was stored I didn't get any photographs today.  I'll make up for that on the rest of the trip however.

Reggie and Teresa, thank you so much for your hospitality.  It was great to meet both of you and I hope I have the opportunity to return the favor some day.

Trip Totals:
Miles Today: 366.3 (GPS)
Total Miles: 366.3 (GPS)
States Crossed: 2 (TN, AR)
AGirl's ride report for this date is at This Page